Friday, 16 November 2012

Homogenic - Let's Talk (2012)

Homogenic is an electronic music group from Bandung, Indonesia. Prefered to be called as a fellowship rather than a band, Homogenic is a party of three with combination of their own uniquely strong individualities gathered in the same vision in music. Homogenic (same pronounced in english or bahasa) began their story in 2002 from only 2 women with the same visions and ambitions until the one and only guy joined and completed it all. Homogenic itself inspired by the world’s best-known Icelandic musician, Bj√∂rk, without trying to imitate her style or tunes.

Formed by Dina Dellyana (rhythm programming, vocoded vocals, synths, pcm piano, guitar) and Grahadea Kusuf (analog synths, computer sequencing programming), Risa Saraswati (then replaced by Amandia Syachridar) (vocalist), their music created not only by the influnce of music but also the influnce of emotions and beautiful living things in the world, whole packaged in electronic pop.

Homogenic just trying to simplify electronic music with slightly female voice pop then blend it with a bit drum and bass and idm, the result is a sweet electronic pop tunes that might be and could be listened by broad ears without being labeled as a segmented music yet a majority pop. Essentially, they lived between two different world and happy for being there.Their eclecticism always longing to find its greatest, in a hail of lush melodies, playful instruments and stuttering beats. And now, Homogenic marked a dramatic shift and used their position and influence to help launching new acts, developed their new style as they establish themselves as a recording artist. they are changing from the heated first album to yet another invention as another bold step along their utterly unique musical path.                  
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